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Welcome to Jacaranda Lake Elementaita Lodge

Located 120kms away from Nairobi and 29kms from Nakuru town is Lake Elementaita Lodge, a 19th century colonial farmhouse and a 33 roomed lodge in the scenic Kikopey area overlooking Eburu Mountains, Sleeping warrior hill, and Lake Elementaita after which it was named. The diversion off the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway into the all-weather road marks the beginning of a journey back into time.

Lake Elementaita Lodge is not your regular lodge. In fact, it is a time machine that allows you to pause, erase everything you expected from a typical lodge and hop into a time machine and visualize how the place was a century ago and how it came to be what it is while unwinding and enjoying your stay.

Once A Colonial Farm House

The lodge dates back to about a century ago when it was built by one of Kenya’s first Colonial Lords called Galbraith Cole. Lord Galbraith was Lord Delamere’s Brother in law who had gone to fight in the South African Boers war of October 11, 1899, to May 31, 1902, between Great Britain and the two Boer (Afrikaner) republics. During the war, he got wounded and was confined into a wheelchair. His Sister; who was married to Lord Delamere begged Lord Delamere to have his brother to come to Kenya and live with them instead of going back home to Europe. Lord Delamere agreed and gave him about 30 hectares of land from his 100 ha in the Kikopey area. They agreed that Lord Cole will be given the land North of Lake Elementaita and they will retain the land south of Lake Elementaita extending all the way to Lake Nakuru. During the time of his stay in Kenya, Lord Cole put up a farm with lots of agronomic activities going on. He lived there with his wife, children and farm workers.

Fast forward to today, Jacaranda Hotels acquired the lodge and has preserved most of its original fixtures and fittings while adding a unique touch of hospitality to ensure maximum guest comfort and experience.


Lake Elementaita Lodge has a total of 33 rooms all built in the traditional British colonial style. Each of the units is self-contained with some rooms having interconnecting doors for families traveling with their young ones, a front porch overlooking the entire property and some rooms having a direct view of Lake Elementaita. Standard amenities include:

  • Tea & Coffee maker

  • Cable/Satellite TV channels

  • Direct Dial Telephone

  • Air - Conditioning

  • 24 Hour Secure Parking

  • 24-hour Concierge Service

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Everyone was really kind and did everything to make us feel at home. The food was great and so were our room which was right next to the beach ,the pools and beach. Big shout out to Josephine at the reception. Our flight was in the evening and after checking out in the morning she gave us a room to keep our luggage and change so that we could still enjoy the beach up to the last minute

Hillary's avatar

We loved the beach, and especially the tiny pool near our room...we would just go there and relax without needing to go to the main pool and when bored we would just stroll on the beach and take a dip in the ocean which was about 10 steps away...the staff as well were really helpful and fun to talk to

Franziska's avatar

Very friendly staff and excellent service. The location and the overall experience was more than we’d have expected. The rooms with beach view are like being in paradise.